Rob Storrs

May 28, 2014  Manteo, NC

We heard Abigail Washburn play banjos with her husband Bela Fleck at the Paramount Theatre in Bristol, TN, April 6, 2013.  Our first vacation was to Ocracoke Island during Hurricane Karen, October, 2013.  We heard an “acoustic” evening by Zach Meyers of heavy metal group Shinedown at the Bonnie Kate in Betsy Town in November 2013.

Donna is a freshly-minted MBA from King University.  As an E-6 in the Navy, she tracked submarines using passive sonar devices from many land bases around the world for 11 years, including Norfolk, Bermuda, and Wales.  She now is a SAS programmer, and one of two continental managers for the contract research organization Chiltern International.

Rob’s family came from Lound-on-Trent, Retford, Nottinghamshire,UK.  Rob fantasized that his ancestor might have been the Sheriff of Nottingham while he played that part in Jeff Messer’s “Robin Hood.”  Two ships left England in 1640: one founded Storrs, CT, now home to UConn; the other, Rob’s family line, landed in Richmond, VA.  The Puritans closed the theatres in London in 1641.  Rob finds it curious that he is striving now to keep the theatres open!

Donna’s daughter, Katy, and granddaughter, Khloe, live with her in Elizabethton, TN.  Her mother, Verna, lives across the Watauga River, 5 minutes away.

Rob’s son, Will, a 2012 graduate of UNCA, lives with him at their home, Raspberry Springs.  Rob’s daughter, Julia, is a (mostly) self-supporting employee of Ingles Markets in Spruce Pine.  Jodee, Rob’s mother, lives down the mountain in a 100+ year old farmhouse.  Will & Rob visit her daily.

Donna plans to travel over the mountain to join Rob in their round pink passive solar house at Raspberry Springs.